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Adrian is a highly experienced vocal teacher and coach having twenty eight years experience in this field. He teaches singing privately to diploma level, his clients including professional performers and advanced students to those earlier in their development.  He also currently teaches at Brighton College, Cranleigh School, The Judd School, Tonbridge and The Skinner's School, Tunbridge Wells.  Many of his younger students sing in both the National Youth Choirs and the National Children's Choir.


He has an established reputation both as vocal coach and increasingly as a troubleshooter and many experienced singers, both professional and amateur come for help  deal with ongoing vocal issues and technique. His work has been strongly influenced by traditional Bel Canto technique and in more recent years by the Estill Voice Model and Training system that offers a physiological understanding of the complex interactions between the physical structures of the voice and the acoustic result. He holds certification in the Estill Model (Estill Voice Training EVT) and continues his study in this model and the Classical Voice Training  (CVTTM) SATS Model.  Adrian is a member of The Association of Teachers of Singing (AOTOS) and is a Fellow of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM).

He was appointed in 2002 as Director of the Kent Music Academy for talented singers and instrumentalists, a post he held for nine years, teaching the advanced singers, directing the Chamber Orchestra and coaching chamber music, and heading a staff of twenty-two outstanding teachers and performers. 

Formerly a Director of Music at two large independent senior schools from 1988 to 2001, Adrian has pursued a dual career, continuing to enjoy a freelance career as a performer, conductor, and teacher.

Masterclasses & Workshops

Adrian directs vocal master-classes on summer schools, particularly performances skills, interpretation and technique, and directs and coaches on many vocal and orchestral residential courses and non-competitive festivals, and has twelve years' experience in this field. He directs workshops for voice users, both speakers and singers and runs seminars in choral training techniques in addition to workshops in English Song and German Lied. His clients range from Summer Schools, to Local Education and Diocesan Authorities (LEA's). 

Choral Consultant

He is increasingly in demand as a choral consultant working with choirs of all abilities and sizes.

Teacher, Coach & 


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